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Stunning Drone Footage

You’ve surely seen the stunning drone shots over a cityscape at sunset, or perhaps you have caught a glimpse of a drone flying above a festival or fireworks show in the summer. There are hundreds of beautiful and artful photos and videos of real estate developments, large buildings coming together and even  more across the Internet. These aerial drone shots are captivating and alluring, but did you know that you need a commercial drone license to fly a drone commercially?

In order to fly a drone for commercial photography, you must secure a commercial drone license. When drone operators fail to acquire a license before using drones for photography, a number of things usually happen. For one, the photos are normally much lower in quality and aerial footage is typically much less smooth than if the operator had obtained a license. In order to get a commercial drone license, one must go through a two to three month process and a grueling test. This ensures that the operator knows what they are doing and secures smoother footage and higher quality images. There are also numerous “safe zones” and laws in place regarding where and when drones can be flown. There are also penalties reaching up to $32,000 for each incidence of flying a commercial drone without a license. The Federal Aviation Association may also impose criminal sanctions, which can include up to three years in prison or a fine of over $200,000.

Robert Suddarth is a licensed photographer and commercial drone pilot. He uses drones to maximize the amount of visualization of your work projects. Professional aerial drone photography is great for advertising new commercial or residential real estate, local events, or any number of marketing ideas. If you are searching for aerial footage, make sure you hire someone you can trust! Call Robert Suddarth in Lubbock, Texas, today, for more information.

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