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Robert Suddarth Photography: Staff Headshots

Employee pictures are an essential element to a company’s website. Why?

  • Gives a face to the name
  • Provides an element of relatability
  • Balances warm and friendly with professionalism
  • Gives the company a personal voice
  • Helps clientele recognize your employees
  • Supports the value the company places on a team-oriented environment

At Robert Suddarth Photography, we are a huge proponent of creating images for your company because we believe in the vital role they play. We have been hired by several businesses to take staff headshots of their employees and even group pictures of their staff. Typically, those are the two most popular approaches. But recently, Robert stumbled upon an idea when we were hired by one of our clients to take a team staff picture.

After taking their professional group shot, one of the employees quit not even one week later. The photo immediately became outdated. When the client came back to him to look for a potential solution, Robert had an idea: What if he utilized Photoshop? He decided to try out taking each individual employee’s picture and photoshop each image together to create a group shot. It was a simple and quick solution for everyone.

The end product looked professional, unique, and dimensional. This approach is an efficient way to be prepared in case one of your employees quit. We want to help you be ready for anything – you will have people that come and go in your company, but don’t let that stop you from taking a employee pictures!


At Robert Suddarth Photography, we tackle challenges head on to deliver quality and personalized services. We are one of the most trusted photography companies in Lubbock and if you are looking for a professional photographer to take your staff headshots, call us today.


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