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Professional Drone Aerial Photography

Canyon West Shopping Center is a well-known area in Lubbock laden with some of the city’s most visited stores which include Target, ULTA, Ross, Sam’s Club, and more. Soon after Robert Suddarth received his federal drone license, the developers of Canyon West hired him to grab sweeping shots of their beautiful shopping center for marketing purposes.


Robert enjoyed doing this project. He was eager to step into the realm of professional drone photography and footage because he saw its indispensable value. Grabbing different angels and capturing a comprehensive, aerial view of the facilities was exciting and provided impressive results.

The benefits of hiring a licensed professional with a high-end drone to capture quality images far outweigh hiring an unlicensed photographer with an average drone. Not only is it a more trusted (and not to mention legal) method, but also provides better quality products and smoother footage.

Why Professional Drone Aerial Photography?

We love drone photography because it provides a vast variety of shots and offers a unique and breathtaking perspective. The drone delivers fluid and sweeping footage of the focus object, adding aerial viewpoint, clarity, and an incredible view of what your company or facilities have to offer.

How Can I Use Professional Drone Aerial Photography?

Professional and well-done drone aerial photography and video are great for capturing advertising material for a new office building, real estate development, and even local events!

  • Commercial Real Estate Development – Aerial panoramas, videos, and images illustrate proximity to amenities and are great to display your commercial real estate.
  • Residential Real Estate Development– Using a professional photographer and drone to show surrounding neighborhoods, showcasing the property, and providing context, is a great strategy in promoting residential real estate. It gives the customer a high definition, bird’s-eye view of their future home!
  • Local Events – If you have a yearly event, grabbing professional drone photography and video is a great option to add diversity to any of your marketing platforms. From content for social media to dynamic elements for your website, drone images and video are an invaluable resource.

You can utilize professional drone aerial photography for an array of additional markets. Robert Suddarth is up for anything and is ready to tackle whatever project you have.

To commercially fly a drone, you must receive a commercial drone license. You cannot fly a drone for commercial photography without it. To get your license, you have to take a difficult and grueling test. The entire process is about a two to three-month long process. Don’t trust just anyone who has a drone.

When looking to hire a photographer, hire someone you can trust! Robert Suddarth is a licensed drone photographer that provides the smoothest and best quality images around. He has a lot of experience in the photography field and understands the importance of capturing a story.

If you are interested in learning more about our professional drone aerial photography, give us a call today!

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