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Lubbock Interior Building Photography

Texas Tech Women’s Basketball Locker Rooms by Teinert Commercial Building Services

Texas Tech University Locker RoomAs an interior building photographer in Lubbock, Texas, it is important to capture the mood of a building as well as to highlight the function that the space was design to meet. I pride myself on being able to get the perfect shot in any situation and bringing the best photography services for every customer. A recent shoot of the Texas Tech Women’s Basketball Locker Rooms presented a unique opportunity for me in architectural photography.

The locker rooms were built by Teinert Commercial Building Services for Texas Tech University and they are a space that is never seen by the general public. Capturing the design and emotion of this room for the builder to display was absolutely essential. The Teinert crew cannot simply walk into this space to give a new customer that experience. It became my job as the interior building photographer to bring that experience out in the finest architectural photography I could provide.

These rooms are entirely indoors with no natural light at all. They were designed with an advanced LED and florescent lighting system to give both functional room lighting and red accent lighting for the school colors. LED lighting has the advantage of being adjustable so I was able to set the white and red lights to the exact levels I needed to perfectly capture this image.

These architectural photos were used in the professional portfolio of Teinert Commercial Building Services as examples of the work they do.  As their commercial photographer, I was charged with taking pictures that highlight their high quality work and that connect with people emotionally. If I can help you with creative and professional building photography in Lubbock or anywhere else, get in touch with me today.

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