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Lubbock Architectural Photography

Llano Estacado Winery by Teinert Commercial Building Services

Llano Winery Tasting Room 2As an architectural photographer in Lubbock, Texas, it is my goal to tell the story of a building as seen through the lens of a camera. Being able to get that perfect shot that no one else can get, gives me a rush and compels me to do my very best work on any given project. One such project was the recently completed Llano Estacado Winery Tasting Room built by Teinert Commercial Building Services.

This particular assignment called for both indoor and outdoor photography with both daylight and evening shots. The indoor architectural photography shows the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the winery, blending the natural light from the windows with the comfortable lighting inside the building. The blending of the two light sources highlights the vibrancy and the energy of the tasting room, making it the perfect setting for customers to taste wines, learn about their characteristics, and to make purchases. Making it even more challenging was the fact that it was a particularly busy day with customers coming in and out and we must balance getting the right shot while not interfering with customers and employees.

Llano Winery Tasting RoomFor the evening images, we wanted to show off the dramatic exterior of the new building. Although it was done after business hours, we had the winery leave the lights on to give it a warm and open look. With the sun setting, the background is cast with shades of blues, purples, and oranges, giving the winery a nice backdrop of a West Texas summer.

These architectural photos were used in the professional portfolio of Teinert Commercial Building Services as examples of the work they do.  As their commercial photographer, I was charged with taking pictures that highlight their high quality work and connect with people emotionally. If I can help you with creative and professional architectural photography in Lubbock or anywhere else, get in touch with me today.

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