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Lubbock Architectural Photography Happy State Bank

Happy State Bank Building by Teinert Commercial Building Services

As an architectural photographer in Lubbock, Texas, I find myself in a variety of settings including indoor and outdoor shoots, too much light and sometimes not enough. Over the years I have developed a number of tricks for getting the absolute best architectural photographs despite the conditions.

Happy State BankThat was proven on the pictures I took of Happy State Bank in Lubbock for Teinert Commercial Building Services. For this shoot I had to take multiple pictures at different times of day and even different days to get the right look. This is called Multiple Exposure Shooting where we have a number of images from the same place with different lighting and effects. I take all of those exposures and blend them together to come out with the best photo that highlights everything about a particular building.

Another element of this was the sky in the background. West Texas is known for the best sunsets in the world, but those don’t always show up for my photo shoots. Occasionally we need to change or enhance a background to make the subject building really pop. For these photos, the sky was not cooperative on any of our sessions so I had to edit that area of the photo more.

As a professional architectural photographer in Lubbock I pride myself on using the most advanced techniques and equipment to get the best photographs for my customers. It is thrilling to see the final shot and know that I did something that had never been done before to enhance the businesses that I work for.

These architectural photos were used in the professional portfolio of Teinert Commercial Building Services as examples of the work they do.  As their commercial photographer, I was charged with taking pictures that highlight their high quality work and that connect with people emotionally. If I can help you with creative and professional building photography in Lubbock or anywhere else, get in touch with me today.

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