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Family Portraits in Lubbock with Robert Suddarth Photography

Life is a journey measured in moments. Happy moments, sad moments, happy-sad moments, all of it counts. We are often told to live and not just exist and in adherence to the former, we all have to go through some changes. If the only thing constant in life is change, then even now reading this, something has changed about you. Where you are right now is a thousand times different from where you were yesterday. You may not see it at once, or take notice of it in an instant, but it’s happening, and rapidly too.


No matter how interesting you are, you can’t capture every single moment of your life even if you tried, but making an attempt to curate as many moments as possible is a good move. Some people on the other hand, take the milestones in their life for granted. Whether small or huge, considered insignificant or recognized as a big deal, some people will always fail to see the big picture. For the sake of posterity, it is only wise that you capture the moment, as in time, memory will serve you better for it.


The holidays are almost here and John now in his final semester in college, can’t wait to get home to his family. As the days go by, Martha impatiently counts down to seeing her parents, completely possessed by nostalgia. The type that only your family stirs up, the emotions only your family can inspire.


Telling a story is one thing, but telling it with a photograph works wonders in picturing the whole scenario. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a family portrait is worth even more. A big family portrait in a nicely designed holiday card or produced into a crisp frame, isn’t the big picture. When a family takes a picture, that’s all an outsider sees, a picture. What they don’t see is the moments leading up to that exact moment. What they don’t know is the highs and lows, the good times and the not-so-great times that you and your family has been through. All your testimonies, trials, tribulations and triumphs captured in one family portrait and holding one strong message – you are all still here, you all survived.


So, when the band is back together this holiday season, when the crew assembles and the gang is complete, be sure to turn to Robert Suddarth Photography for that family portrait. Remember, we don’t just take pictures, we capture memories.

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