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Headshots have become very important, being one of the most sought-after specialties in general photography. Headshots are the ideal photographs for official profile pages on social media, promotional advertisements, images for the corporate website, etc. However, if you’re going to go about it, it needs to be done in the most professional way possible, not just a selfie on your phone. Professional head shots take cognizance of numerous elements, in order to produce an output that is […] Continue reading →

Life is a journey measured in moments. Happy moments, sad moments, happy-sad moments, all of it counts. We are often told to live and not just exist and in adherence to the former, we all have to go through some changes. If the only thing constant in life is change, then even now reading this, something has changed about you. Where you are right now is a thousand times different from where you were yesterday. You may not see it at once, or take notice of it in an instant, but it’s […] Continue reading →

Before we know it, this school year will be coming to a close. That is the time of the year when graduation is scheduled, and the high school seniors say their goodbyes to the high school life. This moment is always very emotional to students and parents. As a senior, you realize that the end has come to your stay in the high school after four years and you realize that you might not be seeing some of your best friends again for sometimes. To the parents, they are excited to see that their […] Continue reading →

When you are considering selling a home, it’s not only important to have great quality photos, but also a photographer that understands what to capture. At Robert Suddarth Photography, we have extensive experience working with real estate businesses and we partner with many real estate companies around Lubbock. Robert Suddarth knows what buyers want to see and helps capture the essence and incredible qualities of a home.  Our most recent partnership was with The Grant Agency, […] Continue reading →

Employee pictures are an essential element to a company’s website. Why? Gives a face to the name Provides an element of relatability Balances warm and friendly with professionalism Gives the company a personal voice Helps clientele recognize your employees Supports the value the company places on a team-oriented environment At Robert Suddarth Photography, we are a huge proponent of creating images for your company because we believe in the vital role they play. We have been hired by […] Continue reading →

The Internet is the first place people look when they are searching for residential and commercial real estate. At Robert Suddarth Photography in Lubbock, we want to help your property stand out in a saturated market. With professional grade photos of your property, not only will you have a leg up on your competition, but you will also be able to capture the character of your residential and/or commercial real estate property. You can trust us to provide clear and captivating photos to help […] Continue reading →

When you think of commercial photography, you might think it’s about selling a product or service. But it’s much more than that. Commercial photography is about relating an experience to consumers. Commercial photography in Lubbock can range from dazzling church photographs to sumptuous food photographs for restaurant menus. Successful corporations utilize the skills of professional photographers for everything from print and online advertising to corporate training brochures and […] Continue reading →

Whether your chosen profession is banking, law, medicine, or education, first impressions will continue to make a big difference during the course of your career. That’s where Robert Suddarth Photography in Lubbock can help. We have many years of experience in Lubbock professional portrait photography. We’ll take the time necessary to help you present yourself just the right way. Business and professional portrait photography is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Each profession […] Continue reading →

With our loved ones, we share life’s joys, sorrows, triumphs and tragedies. We go to any length to protect and care for the ones we love. We would literally lay down our lives to save them. That’s why there’s no greater gift to offer your family this holiday season than an expression of the special bond between you. A professional quality family portrait can be the perfect answer. We are Robert and Jean Suddarth, professional portrait photographers in Lubbock. As a husband and wife […] Continue reading →

Happy State Bank Building by Teinert Commercial Building Services As an architectural photographer in Lubbock, Texas, I find myself in a variety of settings including indoor and outdoor shoots, too much light and sometimes not enough. Over the years I have developed a number of tricks for getting the absolute best architectural photographs despite the conditions. That was proven on the pictures I took of Happy State Bank in Lubbock for Teinert Commercial Building Services. For this shoot I […] Continue reading →

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