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Robert Suddarth Photography and The Grant Agency, REALTORS – Real Estate Photography

When you are considering selling a home, it’s not only important to have great quality photos, but also a photographer that understands what to capture. At Robert Suddarth Photography, we have extensive experience working with real estate businesses and we partner with many real estate companies around Lubbock. Robert Suddarth knows what buyers want to see and helps capture the essence and incredible qualities of a home.  Our most recent partnership was with The Grant Agency, REALTORS, an incredible real estate company in Lubbock. 

Quality video and photographs are the first impressions and if used well, can draw people in very quickly. Check out this footage of one of their recent listings:

Robert Suddarth Real Estate Photography

Robert Suddarth is a Master Photographer with over 48 years’ experience. He is also an FAA remote pilot and captures high-quality drone images and footage for The Grant Agency and a variety of other realtors and real estate businesses. The sweeping shots of the property and adjacent area help give the buyer a birds-eye-view of what it would be like living there by truly capturing the landscape of the neighborhood. The footage speaks for itself.

Check out The Grant Agency’s website here. They have a variety of listings for almost any budget. 

If you are interested in partnering with Robert Suddarth for your next real estate listing, contact us today. We’d love to help set you up for success and provide great quality images and video to help sell your home!

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